February 13th, 2015

Interesting words - Diana Vreeland

Millicent Hearst died just a few years ago. I'm not big on funerals. I wouldn't bring this up if it were in the least macabre, but it's true: laid out in coffin, she looked so absolutely ecstatic! She looked exactly like she did when she was the Belle of New York with every chandelier lit and all the bands playing. Really splendid. She looked...I mean, it was incredible! I've always been very fond of the Hearst boys... I walked around the corner of Sixty-seventh Street to Millicent's apartment, and at the door Bill Hearst said, "You've got to see Mom. I'm sure this isn't up your alley at all, but you've GOT to see" He said, It's the goddamnedest thing! So we went into the dining room... And I mean, it was the work of art of all artistry. I've never seen anything so amazing in my life. She was in the coffin, all set to go. I only believe in cremation -- fast, fast cremation. Done with. But Millicent Hearst really did look simply radiant!
Diana Vreeland