February 16th, 2015

Interesting words - Diana Vreeland

I don't know how to shop in America. In Paris, if I'm going to see the collection, it's one thing; if I'm there for a fitting, it's another. It's all very efficient; the French are very smart -- they're very good business people. Those places are wonderfully run. But in America it's different. Bloomingdale's is the end of shopping because there isn't anyone to wait on you....
Diana Vreeland

1686 - Dashing

Word usage. I notice that the obituary headline for Louis Jourdan refers to him as the "dashing" star of GIGI. Have you noticed that the word "dashing" has totally died over the years? We would never call a current star "dashing." We use the word for stars who were in their primes in the fifties and earlier. Like Jourdan, or Douglas Fairbanks, or Clark Gable. You know the type. Even what's his name, the current Bond, isn't really dashing, though the young Connery was. It got harder and harder to find an actor for the Bond role, so they gave up looking for dashingness, though it is a sweet word.