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Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything

Doc was a teacher from 1967 to 2010. (Sigh)

Interesting words - William Irwin Thompson
New images of man do not spring from Policy Research reports. All cultures begin in explorations of myth in the minds of prophets, mystics, visionary scientists, artists, and crazies.
William Irwin Thompson

1741 - the cat
Cat thing: Our cat Snowflake has never, even for a second, paid any attention to the television. He ignores it totally. Until two days ago. The tv was showing a Russian Wildlife program, with some beautiful large cats on it. Snowflake noticed it and was mesmerized by it, He stared and stared, followed it with his eyes, then started moving toward it. He jumped up on a chair to get close, put his nose right at the screen, patted it with his paw. We were amazed. Then yesterday, we had the Mariners game on. Snowflake got on a convenient chair, lay back in total comfort with his head propped on the arm of the chair, and followed the game for about half an hour, his eyes fixated on the action. When the M's were down five, he quit and thereby missed the comeback. What does he know about baseball anyway? This cat stuff is a serious sign of the end times.