April 26th, 2015

1755 - tragedies, Nepal

The news today is all about the horrifying earthquake in Nepal. So far they know that it has killed well over 2,000 people, but that number means nothing in reality. When these things happen we lose all capacity for emotional response, except in the most holistic way. We can hae great personal loss to the death of individuals we have connected with, e.g., Robin Williams. And we can feel grief for deaths at the level of a few hundreds of people. But we can't really deal with thousands dying, unless a name we know pops up in the news. Yet the death of some poor person in Katmandu is as sad as the death of a movie star. One of the casualties was a high company executive for Google. That is getting news. The grief we are feeling for Nepal is interwoven with an unavoidable sense of hopelessness. All anyone can do is take it in. I am glad our country is quick to send aid to them. RIP