May 15th, 2015

1772 - Time passing

I see that B. B. King died last night at the age of 89. That is another name that has always been around in my lifetime. He was 89. As I age, it is noticeable that people whose names have always been bedrock references in culture are dying faster and faster. Those in their eighties and nineties are dying steadily. People born in the 1920's are especially frail in their life spans. And those born in the 1930's are finding a common mortality, too. So living memories of WWI are mostly gone. Next will be people who actually in their own minds recall the Roaring Twenties. Then those who lived the Depression. I think that History starts when the last people who lived and recall an event pass away. Those were hugely impactful periods of time. And they are sliding away to join the Civil War and the Revolution and the French Revolution and Oliver Cromwell, etc. All equally gone.