May 30th, 2015

1787 - Randoms

We have been able to watch the Mariners pretty much daily and enjoying the games when we are not angry and frustrated by any particular failures. The team is good to watch. Right now they are behind 3-2 to Cleveland in the 6th. The charges against former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert are mind boggling. His willingness to be bribed at the level of millions of dollars pretty much tells the story. All those years as a wrestling coach and only now do two men reveal their relationship with him, from the seventies. And no one suspected anything. Hastert seemed nothing like the other political predators. And today we hear that Vice President Biden's oldest son Beau (46) has died of brain cancer. The Biden family has had to endure some bad times over the years. Very sorry to hear of it. So much of the news is bad news, isn't it?