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We got the snow tree call for canceled school at 6:30. I was already up (at 5:15) and showered and dressed and eaten by then. All dressed up and nowhere to go. The traffic on 520 was screwed up and the State was warning us not to go there, but I had already decided that I wasn't going to chance it. This is a change for me, as I was, being Wisconsin bred, always ready to chance it in snow. No more. I am not needed, certainly not needed at the risk of accident or injury.

So here I sit when I should be stuck on 520 somewhere, typing at home what should be typed at the Salt Mine. I have no problem with it. Actually, I have a problem with the people who complain about yesterday's snow day. The call has to be made with an eye to the prediction, and yesterday the prediction was snow at 90%. Safety is the concern, so all those closed schools were doing the right thing.

Here is something that bothers me: invitations to pot luck functions that make it clear that a contribution is required. We would have had a Christmas breakfast today, but I wouldn't have been eating, as the invitations did not include welcoming people who didn't bring food. I have no problem with those invitations, but don't expect me to partake. I also believe in the moral of the Little Red Hen, so I go and have a cup of institutional coffee and watch the contributors eat their breakfasts. I am an old man. I don't make food for pot luck breakfasts. Deal with it, and don't expect me to participate. If you want complete participation in events like this one, then make sure you welcome the food handicapped people like myself.

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