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Getting it right?

Listening to Mickey Gilley singing "Roomful of Roses" brings up an LJ topic. First, I have strong memories of that song. When I was about four, my parents took us down to Wisconsin Dells for vacation. Everywhere we went "Roomful of Roses," the number one hit of 1948, was being played on loudspeakers. It has dominated my memory of that time.

Well, I bought the Gilley cd, as he made a hit of it as well. And he does a good job, except that he clearly does not understand a line of the lyrics. He comes to the line that goes, "If you took the petals and tore them all apart, you'd be tearing at the petals just the way you tore my heart." Gilley sings it as "If I took the petals and tore them all apart..." He repeats the silly misreading a second time, so he clearly doesn't the meaning of the lines, what they have to be. How is it that a singer can make a major error like that? Aren't there people along the production line who actually know the song? Or people who could catch a silly and stupid reading of a line? Apparently not.

Queen Esther Marrow makes an error in her wonderful version of "How Great Thou Art," too. But her mistake is in the proper use of the second person informal, when she gets her thees and thous confused. I forgive her that mistake, but it is still odd that nobody in the production of the cd didn't catch her and help her get it right.
Tags: grammar, music

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