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Odds and ends

I think that toenails get less and less attractive as one ages. They start sort of twisting as they grow, they look dry, they get sort of gnarly. I have discovered that I really like Bloody Marys and that they vary greatly from place to place. Most mixed drinks are pretty standard. If you order a manhattan, you get a close proximity to a good one wherever you go. Not with bloody marys. Some of them are pretty weak approximations. But the good ones? Yum. Never before in my long life have I enjoyed that drink. I am thinking that I am pretty close to the time in life when a person gets rid of things. I can see the maple across the street. It has patches of reddish leaves, and they are dancing back and forth in the wind as I type (can we say type still, instead of input?). The weather is unsettled today. Because of facebook, I now know where the name Sedro-Woolly came from. Thanks, Jonny. I jammed the tip of my right ring finger, so it is sore under the nail. That means every time I hit a key with that finger, I get a stab of pain. Yesterday, too. Yesterday I found a beautiful web page for Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Got a laugh over what I learned about the grave of Victor Noir. I am going to be ready for retirement, ready to shake the dust off my shoes, as the saying goes. I wonder if there is anything to DO after retirement? My friend MM is a half an hour from landing at Sea-Tac after a ten hour flight from Paris. She left at 10:30 am and arrives at 11:30 am. That means she has nine hours to live all over again. It is interesting to wrap your brain around that idea. I have noticed that when I type the word "your" I often end up with "you" and have to go back. So far I am succeeding in my determination not to go in to campus on weekend days. I no longer contribute that time. So I am doing some bits of work at home, and it seems to be okay. We will see how long I can sustain it.
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