Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

New postmortem book

I am just back from a solo jaunt to Starbuck's and Barnes & Noble. I took my 1909 setting novel and read amid the susurration of the coffee shop. Then I went to B & N. I had a 15% coupon to add to my membership 40% off and wanted to get the new Henning Mankell. No luck there; they had no sign of it, even though B & N was trying to get me to buy it over the net last week. Anyway, I used my discounts by buying The Girl Who Played With Fire, which has been tempting me for several weeks. I hardly ever buy a new hardcover book, though my house is jammed with books. I buy antiquarian books for my collections and remaindered books and nice trade paperbacks. Mostly my daily reading is from the SPL. The first book in the series I just bought was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and it was another doozy from a Swedish author. Those Scandinavians are super hot currently, and this is selling hugely. What is unusual here is that the author died in 2004 after delivering the manuscripts to his first three novels to the publisher. So this series is going to end with just one more book. Sad. And he totally missed his international acclaim. Sadder.
Tags: books, fame

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