Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

The crunch of India

I can hear my wife crunching some pickle in the kitchen, undoubtedly from the same jar I ate from a bit ago. It brings up a pickle comment. I think she is eating a Claussen pickle, a very excellent choice. When we bought the jar, though, I couldn't find any place of origin on it. There is not even a hint of where these cukes were born and bred. When I was at the cabin I bought a jar of, I think, Farman's, also delicious pickles. When I looked at the label, though, it said that the product was from India. It gave me quite a jar (jar as in shock, not cuke container). It seemed somehow wrong that pickles that looked so American should come from India. India is the home of many great foods, but dill pickles? I readily buy the bromide that every country has a great beer. But dill pickles? How could the taste testers in India, with their sophisticated Indian palates, be able to hold the cukes up to our dill standards?

I know, I know, the pickles were probably grown by the brother of the woman who answered the telephone when I had a question about Microsoft software, but nonetheless. I think I want my pickles grown right down there in the valley by Tacoma.
Tags: food, modern life

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