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I am starting to experience the feeling of doing lasts. Last night was "parent meet the teacher" night, the evening when the parents go through their children's schedules and get a seven minute class-style encounter. For the first time I had multiple questions about whether I am going to retire this year, all in a "don't do it, Doc" way. I won't lie to them, so I did have to say several times that the odds are about 4-1 that I will retire. I am doing all the things I need to in order to get SS and Medicare, etc. I found it an interesting experience, after twenty-nine years here and having taught without fail since autumn of 1967. I wonder how powerful the sense of cutting loose can get as the year passes. There are some circumstances that could keep me in the classroom for another year, but I am not planning nor expecting such circumstances. So, last p-t back to school. Done. Check it off.

BTW, the evening was as upbeat and positive as ever. Very happy parents. Many utterances of thanks for teaching whole families of children, etc. As tiring as it is, our parents pay us off with gratitude at times like these.
Tags: endings/changes, salt mine

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