Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

The Jackass

I got quite a kick out of hearing President Obama calling Kanye West "a jackass." He thought he was off mike and not for attribution, but ABC let it out to the world. The whole thing added much humor over the last two days, probably because he used the exact word that went through the minds of most people after the KW assault on poor Taylor Swift. My take on it was that when Obama says it he is like the pope ruling "ex cathedra." It is an official judgment from the highest authority, not just an opinion of a single person. You know how it is with Thanksgiving? The president has to declare such and such a day to be Thanksgiving or we don't get one. The word about Kanye has been uttered. He is a jackass.

On the other hand, one of my former students said that Obama was just observing a universally undeniable fact. It is on the order of "It is night." Or "It is raining." "Kanye West is a jackass." Same diff.
Tags: politics

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