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I forced myself to sleep late today and was rewarded with another couple of hours and a frustrating dream. In this one I was with my home room, and they were absolutely resistant to settling down for roll call. About three of them were in their seats. The rest were larking around the room, even crawling in and out of a window so I couldn't get an accurate read on the class. Interestingly the window they were crawling out of was in the back of the room, not the sides, and there is no window there. Everyone was happy, laughing, moving around, and I was trying to stay on an even keel, but I was pretty frustrated and started to threaten them with being sent to the Vice Principal, or even have him come to the room. There was no resolution to this dilemma in the dream.

I wasn't too happy when I awoke from it, as those kinds of frustration dreams seem to occur to teachers with regularity.
Tags: dreams

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