Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

Interesting words

"Against life is the undertow of matter, the lag and slack of things toward relaxation and death; at every stage life has had to fight with the inertia of its vehicle; and if it conquers death through reproduction, it does so only by yielding every citadel in turn, and abandoning every individual body at last to inertia and decay. Even to stand is to defy matter and its laws, while to move about, to go forth and seek, and not, plant-like, to wait, is a victory purchased at every moment by effort and fatigue."
Will Durant

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    I am back from the lake, now, driving four days and getting in Saturday evening. It was a fine drive, even not counting the worry about fires, none…

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    I got to the lake safely. Very green and wet out here, with many downed trees, including quite a few on my land. One huge maple down in the lake. I…

  • 1833 - on the road

    I am taking a break from daily entries, as I am on the road to my cabin. I will stop in now and then. I will recommit myself to echsdoc when I return.

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