Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

135 - Sunday randoms

I am alone this morning, as S has gone off for a day with her friends. ABC's This Week is on the kitchen tv. The round table is blathering on. It is amazing how these media folks misread and misunderstand everything they look at. "Is Progressivism Dead?" No. It is not dead. Do our elections swing back and forth like a pendulum. The Mr. Coffee is bubbling away over by the toaster. The heavy downpour of last night has stopped and the streets are dry. I had to clean the downspout again, which I do by taking a small broom and probing it with the handle until the clog breaks and the water pours freely. I need to have someone there to warn me that I will fall and break my neck, etc., of course, or I can't do it properly. It is fifty years since Kennedy was elected president, they are saying as I type. Where has the time gone in the interval? So that means that it is forty-seven years since Kennedy was assassinated. When I think about it, the years 1960-2010 were essentially the years of my productive adult life, with a few years before and a few years afterward. Hmmm. And I don't know how productive those years were, either, just that they were my chances and choices. Time for a cuppa.

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