Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

146 - Being a kindergartener

My grandson is talkative and amazingly smart. I am trying to remember what the world looked through my five year old eyes. I do remember going to kindergarten for the first time. I met my teacher, whose name was Joan Davis, and adored her. She was young and beautiful. I remember one little girl who didn't want to go to school. She had a temper tantrum and threw herself on the floor and kicked so hard that her underpants came off. I was hugely embarrassed to have to see a public tantrum. As the year went on, though, I don't recall many specific moments (nothing quite so dramatic happened again). I know I had half-day kindergarten, not full day. And I can't remember whether I walked by myself or was taken to school. I wonder if my mom trusted the crossing guards to get us safely across busy Birch St. Hard to believe, but those were the days when kids didn't get run down going to school. I do know what I looked like, because Mrs. Feirn took a picture of the class being let out on the first day, and Mary and I are right there and looking happy enough.

This has got me thinking about grade school life. I may want to write more about it.

About thirty years ago, I was at a party and people started to challenge themselves to remember the names of all their grade school teachers. It astonished me to learn that most people couldn't run off their teachers. I still don't understand how those teachers could be forgotten. Davis, Larsen, Hoff, Bauman, Kosmo, Kitzman, Erblang. All women. The first to die was Miss Bauman. The last to die was Miss Hoff.

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