Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

151 - Gary, shovel it

My permanent memory of my dad's voice is of his saying, "Gary, shovel it." And then going out to the sidewalk and shoveling up a foot or so of snow, Wisconsin style. I just heard it as I was outside clearing the car windows and shoveling paths to the back, then shoveling the front sidewalks. I don't care for the sound of a plastic shovel, but its lightness is nice. We just don't have good old midwestern shovels out here. But I did my duty and got paths both down to the sidewalk and along the front of the house. The temperature is 25 degrees, so it would be a nice winter day in Eau Claire. Out here it is pretty bitter cold. It was amusing watching the endless cars stuck on the freeway or sliding on the streets. And interacting on facebook with all my friends in various states of snowboundness. One city bus was stuck stock still for twelve hours. Many people had tales of sitting in cars for five to eight hours. Pictures of the freeway were a sight to behold. Here, at the end of the evening, we had a fresh full four inches on our back deck. We had removed the first three inches or so, and that computes to a solid seven inches, I would say.

Not yet Thanksgiving, but winter in Seattle.

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