Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

153 - Sit, read, maybe a football game, Macy's Parade...

We are not doing a family Thanksgiving this year. Our daughter and family have a full day with work, dinner at his grandparents and dinner with friends. So we are just going to hang out. S is doing a small turkey. I intend to vacuum. We are going to be alert to the sounds of our touchy furnace. I might put on a football game. There is fresh snow on the car, so I am thinking I will not drive anywhere until the melting does its job later in the day, should that happen. I would like a no-stress day, and this one could be that day. I am not highly invested in a huge and traditional dinner. We can do it on a more convenient day. And I like not having to spend the morning putting things away, dusting, cleaning this and that.

Did you see the size of the SeaTimes this morning? Holy Cow, the economy must be doing great to have so many advertisements on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe we will sit down and look at all the ads.

I hope all you readers are having a great holiday.

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