Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

157 - Managing money

This whole retirement managing money business is hard to get used to. After a lifetime of getting a paycheck at the end of the month, now I have to create that phenomenon myself, or I pay financial consequences. You may not know it, but Social Security pays out on Wednesdays of each month, but the payment Wednesday is connected to how early in the month one's birthday is. My early date means that payment is the second Wednesday of the month. I have to commit absolutely to putting that money aside and taking it out as "salary" at the end of the month. Then on the first of the month I get another pension payment from my UW pension. Then I will get another payment (when I set it up for myself) from my Salt Mine pension. The totality of the three payments is my share of the monthly income, and we should be able to live on it. But paying myself my income is a strange experience. And I have to fight the tendency to dip into that early Social Security payment. It has to sit quietly waiting for the 30th, and that isn't natural.

Quiet in the house today. I pick up the grandson after kindergarten.

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